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The Scream Factory is going to be churning out some comic books now that are sure to catch the eye of horror fans. This news came to my attention via James Zahn and his project Death Walks the Streets. We announced that Death Walks the Streets would be getting the comic book treatment and it is set now that The Scream Factory will be the company putting out said comic. The Death Walks the Streets series will be a prequel to the upcoming movie itself.

The Scream Factory will work at selling printed versions of comics as well as online downloads, with some even being available for free. Freebies I think will come at www.wowio.com

Other projects going to be available thanks to The Scream Factory are: Bump, Robert Kurtzman’s Beneath The Valley of the Rage, G.R.A.V.E. Grrrrls: Destroyers of the Dead, and Dee Snider’s Strangeland: Seven Sins.

Check out The Scream Factory on THEIR MYSPACE PAGE

- Wes Laurie

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