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The 8 Films That Kill is a series coming from Halo 8 that will be showing every night from October 23-29th. Here is the lineup and how it will play out each evening. Also, check out the interesting info about The Engine Theater at the end.

at The Engine Theater: 1636 Wilcox Ave, Hollywood CA 90028

Thurs October 23rd - Wednesday October 29th

Hardcore/Punk Matinees:

3pm: "N.Y.H.C." [Dir. Frank Pavich]
"Smashing... a terrific, well-told story." -Cinematical
The legendary documentary about the world's hardest music. With Madball, 25 Ta Life, VOD, Crown of Thornz, Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Toby Morse (H2O), Lou Koller (Sick Of It All), John Joseph (Cro-Mags), and Jimmy Gestapo (Murphy's Law). (90 mins)

4:30pm: "THREAT" [Dir. Matt Pizzolo]
"Makes KIDS look like an after-school special!" -Urb Magazine
Award-winning urban thriller about an intellectual black radical and a nihilistic punk who accidentally start a riot in NYC's Lower East Side. (88 mins)

6pm: "PUNK ROCK HOLOCAUST 2" [Dir. Doug Sakmann]
"Incredibly funny... a lunatic loveletter to bloodletting." -DVD Talk
The Van's Warped Tour slasher film in which a headless killer decapitates bandmembers and uses their severed heads as disguises. This time the death toll includes The Aquabats, The Bouncing Souls, My Chemical Romance, The Casualties, and many many more!(90 mins)

Horror Nights:

7:30pm: "GIMME SKELTER" [Dir. Scott Phillips]
"Pitch perfect... hits every target... a gleeful, pulpy outing." -Micro Cinema
Bare-knuckled horror about a guy who thinks he's Charles Manson's illegitimate son and decides to outdo his old man. With Gunnar Hansen ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), Elske McCain ("Poultrygeist"), and Trent Haaga ("Deadgirl"). (85 mins)

9pm: "THE DEVIL'S MUSE" [Dir. Ramzi Abed]
"Intoxicating & sensual" -Rue Morgue
Stylish and surreal horror about a young actress living out the last days of the Black Dahlia. With Kristen Kerr ("Inland Empire"), Julie Strain ("Heavy Metal 2000"), Lizzy Strain ("Magus"), Mark Borchardt ("American Movie"), Gidget Gein ("Marilyn Manson"), and pinup-star Masuimi Max. (90 mins)

10:30pm: "PINK EYE" [Dir. James Tucker]
"Vicious and convincing... a lingering nightmare." -Bloody Disgusting
Gore-drenched slasher horror about asylum inmates run amok. From the creative team behind Lionsgate's "Skinned Alive:" director James Tucker, writer/actor Joshua Nelson, actress Melissa Bacelar. (87 mins)

"Lets gorehounds fulfill their deepest, darkest fantasies." -Video Business
Interactive campy-horror film/party where the correct answers to slasher-movie trivia questions empower geek Paul Tard to take revenge on his ex-friends. With Tiffany Shepis ("Nightmare Man"), Masuimi Max ("The Devil's Muse"), Joanna Angel ("Sick & Twisted Horror of Joanna Angel"), Katie Nisa ("Threat"), and Melissa Bacelar ("Pink Eye"). Collaboratively directed by Doug Sakmann, Ramzi Abed, Joanna Angel, Kurly Tlapoyawa, and Matt Pizzolo. Hosted by a different starlet each night.

Halloween Treat: "YOUR MOMMY KILLS ANIMALS" [Dir. Curt Johnson]
"A miraculously even-handed treatment of a snarlingly divisive debate." -Variety
The critically acclaimed, controversial, and embattled documentary about the animal rights movement and why the FBI raised animal rights activists above Al Qaeda on the Terror Watch List.

The Engine Theater is a pioneering approach to theatrical cinema: a portable projection system featuring a 1000 pound light and steel sculpture that kinetically supports a 17 foot screen. The Engine debuted at The Architecture and Design Museum of Los Angeles in 2007 before touring around the world. It has taken up residence on Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood through the rest of 2008.

- Wes Laurie

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